What are your fees for representation?

Fees for representation are established at the discretion of the attorney on a case-by-case basis, as most situations are not “one size fits all” and fees can vary based on the specific facts, the complexity of the legal issue, and any existing time constraints or deadlines. In addition, litigation is unpredictable. We cannot predict where a lawsuit may lead, what actions we will be required to take, or predict what actions the opposing party may take. The attorney will take all of these factors into consideration when quoting you a fee for representation.

Some of the matters we handle are transactional, meaning we know for certain what the cost of completing a legal engagement will be and can quote a fixed fee for that transaction. Our firm generally offers fixed fee quotes for real estate closings, preparation of estate planning documents, traffic tickets, and adoptions. Our paralegals can provide the specific fee to you when you contact us for assistance in those areas.